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How to make a leather Grip for a Yew Longbow

Appearance is not the sole purpose to when making a leather grip on a bow. It enhances the grip strength that results in better accuracy. Some archers complain of their thumb feeling sore after practicing. The reason is that they hold their bow too tight due to bad grips on the bow. With a leather grip the control of the bow will be increased and the archer can practice with relaxed more relaxed hand muscles. It is often easier for a archer to construct a better leather longbow grip than it is to find one for purchase that will this their bow.


The ingredients required can be found in the store room of your house. All that you need to spend is a little amount of time and nothing else. A small piece of leather is required and a leather lace or even a shoe lace. Use Scissors to cut the leather. If you can, find a quilt sewing nail because it is the best option to poke holes in the grip.


Place all the ingredients for the leather grip on a table. The first thing to be done is to measure the size of the grip. It can be an inch longer than the area covered when you hold your bow in the shooting stance. Most people simply prefer to choose 4 to 5 inches of length. The width of the leather should be slightly shorter than the circumference of the longbow handle area, when lacing the bow handle you can pull it tight to stretch the leather, some people will wet the leather before they lace it up tight as it is easier to stretch when wet.


After the measurement process is completed and the leather cut to size, the next step is to make holes for lacing. Role the grip gently on the holding position and start sewing but proceed gently until you have reached the bottom. Once done then tighten the grip from the top to the bottom, like you might a shoe, and place a knot at the bottom. With this procedure a leather grip for the bow can be created. It might seem a bit hectic while reading but doing the job is really easy.

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