Primeval Arc

yew longbows for sale

Handcrafted Longbows


Pacific Yew
English Longbows or American Flat bows

For one of the most revered and talked about bow
materials. The rare yew character longbows are
sure to satsify you. Read More…$700 – Free Shipping
Hickory backed Bamboo
This combination is not only beautiful
it makes for one a of toughest bows. More$280 + $20 Shipping
Solid Yew heartwood with Bamboo backing.
Made from air dried salvaged old growth yew heartwood, these bows are snappy and handsome.
More$580 + $20 Shipping
Youth Bows. Finished Youth bows start at $100.Special packages and rates for u-finish kits for Schools, Scouts and other groups of children. Read More
Renactment Bows. if you are looking
for a bow that is not made to be used seriously these
bows can be of rough finish or are otherwised compromised
in various styles and woods. Starting a $100

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