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Arrow Quivers

We have birch bark quivers ready to ship.

Natural Archer quivers and bags are all hand made by one set of hands.

The process of making a birch bark quiver this nice and
solid is slow going. One proud set of hands creates
them from harvest to shipping so don’t hesitate to
be personal about your purchase :e-mail us questions
and adjustments. We consider the quiver as important
as your bow and arrows, and the craftmanship is the
same that goes into one of our bows.



We can design
a quiver of your choice .

We can add any design of bead work
and tassles,and incorporate other material with the birch
bark like leathers, cedar bark , silk, hemp,feathers ,furs
,even rattlesnake skin.We can add to the bark with lashing
designs and some paint or stain designs.We can engrave your
name.Tell us what you have in mind, in words or drawings
and we’ll quote you. .

The beauty of birch bark for quivers is unsurpassed and the flexibility


and stiffness makes for a unique material of the forest
that can be molded at will and keep its shape.We find that
birch bark suits perfectly the quiver’s purpose:its stiffness
assure that your fletchings aren’t squeezed together and
it is tough to bear your sharp arrow heads.

The birch bark
quivers are great hunting companions :they are very light
and can bear some hunting abuse.Our quivers are meant to
be banged on trees and thrown on the ground at times.Their
stiffness is also appreciated for target shooting ,they’ll
stand up straight against a tree for a nice and easy display
of your arrows.

Birch bark has
also been used for centuries to make great many other things,
the most popular and best proof of its amazing abilities
are birch bark canoes.Our quivers ,like the canoes were,
are weatherproof for the hemp seed oil that finishes ever
single one and the glue also use is weatherproof.

To order a woven birch bark traditional archery arrow quiver, please click here 

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